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Launch of the Triple C Protocol: A New Era in Carbon Certification in Brazil

On September 21, 2023, the city of Blumenau, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, became the stage for a historic milestone in sustainability and the carbon market in Brazil. Lux Carbon Standard (LuxCS) held the launch event for its innovative guidelines for carbon certification in the Brazilian voluntary market. The event, which took place in person at AMPE, located at Rua Humberto de Campos, 245, Blumenau/SC, Brazil, gathered an audience of more than sixty people on-site and was also live-streamed via the official LuxCS YouTube channel, allowing people from around the world to partake in this significant moment.


In the photograph: the LuxCS team of engineers and partners presents the protocol to the public with live filming and broadcasting.


If you didn't have the chance to participate or watch live, we have great news: the complete recording is available here! We invite you to watch and dive into this universe of possibilities for a more sustainable future and greater access to environmental project certification with our new protocol, focused on the needs and specificities of the Brazilian market.


The event was opened by LuxCS's CEO, Pedro Guilherme Kraus. He introduced the current scenario of the carbon market and emphasized the importance of initiatives like LuxCS in combating climate change. Following this, the LuxCS technical team presented details about the Triple C protocol, a certification standard that guides the generation of carbon removal credits and the certification of greenhouse gas emission inventory and reduction. Additionally, topics such as credit tokenization and the LuxCS program, Uncarbonize, were discussed.


The Triple C protocol, named after the term "credits for carbon compensation," offers general guidelines aimed at ensuring effectiveness in mitigating and combating climate change. LuxCS is also developing specific methodologies to cater to the Brazilian market, covering areas such as the conservation of the Atlantic Forest, Amazon, mangrove and restinga, planted forests, Brazilian agriculture, and fruit farming.


The protocol is available for download in the documents section, top bar, here on the LuxCS website. For greater transparency and following the best international practices of the voluntary carbon market, the Triple C Protocol document is open for public consultation for the next 30 days, until October 23, 2023, Monday.


We are eager to receive your suggestions, contributions, and critiques through our email Feedback on the points raised in this public consultation will later be published on the site, likely during November 2023, depending on demand. We count on your contribution to together develop a new stage in the carbon credit market and environmental conservation in Brazil.


At the end of the presentation, the event opened for questions from guests, providing a rich moment for interaction and clarification of doubts.


In the photograph: partners and the Lux Carbon Standard team, gathered to celebrate the launch of the Triple C Protocol


Furthermore, for more information about Lux Carbon Standard and its initiatives, check out our FAQ, sign up on our platform, or send your questions via email to We are at your disposal to together build a future of environmental conservation and greater sustainability.






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