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Lux Carbon Standard Participates as a Guest in Joint Meeting of FIESC Chambers

On October 26, 2023, Pedro Kraus, CEO of Lux Carbon Standard (LuxCS), had the honor of representing the company at a prominent event focused on the decarbonization of the Santa Catarina industry. The occasion was the joint meeting of the Agribusiness, Energy, Environment, and Forestry Chambers of the Federation of Industries of Santa Catarina (FIESC), a gathering that brought together leaders and experts to discuss actions related to the Carbon Market in the state of Santa Catarina, in both public and private sectors.


The event, hosted by FIESC, took place in person in Florianópolis - SC and provided a unique opportunity to discuss crucial topics such as the decarbonization of production chains, the generation of carbon credits on agricultural properties and native forests, as well as Brazilian environmental legislation. Pedro Kraus, leading LuxCS, took this opportunity to share the company's strategic vision, present the Triple C Protocol for the generation of Carbon Credits in Brazil, and the Uncarbonize Program for decarbonizing production chains.


During the event, Kraus also introduced the Lux Carbon Standard's satellite monitoring center, known as the Tree Sentinel Room. Located in Blumenau, the Tree Sentinel Room provides real-time monitoring of areas involved in LuxCS's carbon credit generation projects. Its main goal is to ensure the control and security of these areas, enabling monitoring and response to unwanted events, such as invasion attempts and fires. This initiative demonstrates LuxCS's commitment to environmental protection and the integrity of the carbon credit and sustainability projects it promotes.


The event also opened opportunities to strengthen relationships with various representatives of the agribusiness, industry, and political leaders of the State of Santa Catarina, where LUXCS is headquartered. Kraus had productive conversations with the leaders of the ABC+SC Program of the Government of Santa Catarina, the environmental area of Senai, and one of the vice-presidents of the Federation, who publicly expressed an interest in working with LuxCS on generating carbon credits in Santa Catarina, as well as expanding support for environmental protection and preservation programs of the various Brazilian biomes.

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