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Members of LUXCS Visit Lages

On March 29th and 30th, 2023, the South Brazil Pine Congress took place in Lages, Santa Catarina, and representatives from LuxCS, Lux Carbon Standard, attended the event to show their support and strengthen relationships within the forestry sector.

The event, aimed at updating, promoting, and encouraging players in the South Brazilian market, featured presentations and exhibitions by experts in silviculture, forest management, and forest management technologies from the private sector, third sector, and government.

Members of LuxCS seized the opportunity to introduce their activities to various business partners, such as Sumatra Environmental Intelligence, Quiron Digital, Zeh Real Estate, among others.

The delegation visited the Orion Park, where the Lages Innovation Center is located, exploring its facilities and the companies based there.

The showcased business partners expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to join LuxCS in the voluntary carbon credit market, promoting increased revenue for rural, forest, and agricultural properties, creating new methodologies in collaboration with the certifier, and engaging in the development of carbon removal projects from the atmosphere, actively and positively impacting climate change.

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